Paige is a native of Las Vegas. She was an overachiever from an early age, graduating high school a year and a half early. A free spirit from birth, she went on to obtain her massage therapy degree to have an alternative career while working on her Bachelors in Business Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She graduated in 2005.

A reluctance to corporate life, she worked in the Las Vegas nightclub industry for years until acquiring the desire and resources to build her first mini-empire, publishing the magazine, Vertical Art & Fitness. A love of yoga, aerial acrobatics and pole dancing led her to create this publication to give the international pole dancing community the credibility they deserved. She was also simultaneously managing one of the best dancers in the world, Jenyne Mariposa. Paige was the first to launch a pole dancer internationally through a global tour of teaching, judging local events and performing. What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas!

In 2012, Paige experienced one of the biggest setbacks of her life after losing her little brother to a heroin overdose. This was a massive game changer for her in terms of perspective, energy and priorities. She would no longer be that type A person again.

By 2013, after moving on from the magazine, Paige’s daily practice (started in 1998) of Ashtanga yoga was drawing a massive following through the social media space. She was then in demand as a teacher herself. Paige taught all over the world, in countries like Morocco, Italy, Norway, Netherlands and Thailand. Her love for transformation and growth inspired others both on and off the yoga mat. She was quickly integrating her passion for helping others achieve breakthroughs as a personal coach as well.

In 2019 Paige published her own book, Leading An Intentional Life. A lifetime of research translated for beginners seeking to integrate a favorite practice of self-mastery. During this same time an unfortunate physical assault, coupled with a long civil litigation and covid left Paige feeling a bit burnt out. And she gave herself the much-needed break from having to have it all figured out.

With 2023 having arrived and a renewed sense of purpose, she is excited to connect with others seeking support and growth. Hopefully, that means you! When in doubt lean forward, as what you’re seeking is never behind you, but in front of you.


If you’re looking for more intimacy on your journey, one-to-one is the way to go. The bottom line is that you are not stuck, you just need the right formula. Being true to yourself and learning how to live a life that honors who you are is not just a dream but with Paige’s coaching, a reality. Paige is all about reframing the things in our lives that feel immobile.

Using the principles of self-mastery to experience the freedom and fulfillment you desire deep down. In her program, you will learn to use your voice, implement boundaries, end power struggles, realize the benefits of self-love and so much more. Authenticity means being true to you AND reaping the benefits of your natural self-expression.

You will also integrate practices for healthier and more efficient living, on all levels (mind, body and spirit). She’s a lover of Astrology and has exercised this application since 2009. She uses this too with clients upon request.


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Sabrina is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She grew up in Las Vegas, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Economics. She owned her first business at 18 in the food service industry. Life events in her family turned into opportunities to sell the business and venture to another of her passions, Finance.

Sabrina joined a fortune 250 firm in March of 2012. In addition to being a top performer in her role, Sabrina enjoyed leadership and helping her peers succeed and volunteered her time to mentor others.

In 2014, Sabrina moved to Minneapolis to pursue field leadership as Regional Sales Manager, where she coached business owners to increase high value client acquisition, financial planning, and executing against their overall business plan. In 2015, Sabrina accepted the position of Manager of Franchise Recruiting and Engagement for the Florida territory. During her time in that role, she helped many business owners reach a quantum growth level that they envisioned for their practice. These are all leadership strengths that she continues to employ since 2020 with her work as Franchisee Field Vice President.

As a result of the tremendous results Sabrina achieved through her leadership, coaching and performance, she has been recognized and awarded with the following:

 · 2013 Chairman’s Award for Excellence
 · 2017 Outstanding Leader Award
 · 2019 Outstanding Leader Award
 · 2021 Outstanding Leader Award

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, It can achieve.”



Kristen was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. She is extremely blessed to come from such a large family; her Grandparents had 9 kids, and each had 3-4 kids. She is very comfortable with the community.

Kristen started out building her life young. She worked in the automotive industry for about 6 years before deciding to move to Nevada for a new adventure. Soon after her move, she stumbled across a health insurance opportunity where she was able to help many families. And thankfully, the opportunity introduced her to her better half. When COVID hit, they relocated to sunny South Florida where she transitioned into solar and real estate. Her greatest joy comes from being able to help other people, whether it’s finding their dream home or providing solutions to a problem. Life’s an adventure, and I’m dedicated to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

Kristen has made service her passion. She is the girl you want on your team when you’re in a bind. She is not only solutions-oriented and a self-starter but she’s kind and compassionate towards everyone she comes into contact with. We are honored to have her on our team.

“Let's connect and share our stories!”



Kylie is a master of nuance. Reading between the lines and understanding subtlety. Originally from Oregon, she’s discovered her foundations for security and strength in her mental faculty. Connecting the dots when it comes to problem-solving. Her arsenal of transformational spiritual healing techniques includes grounded intuition and applicable practices to help you get unstuck and become the most fulfilled you.

With her experience in Human Design, Reiki, Intuitive arts, hypnotherapy, NLP, and meditation. Whatever you’re going through, she’s here to help you tackle the problem and most importantly, to help you shift into your most vibrant, authentic self. And she is excited to assist you as well.

“The Goddess has awakened and she is moving in her greatness.”


Are you a spiritual woman of curiosity? On a quest to deepen the relationship with yourself and others? Do you have a lot of self-awareness but want more tools to add to your box? And do you prefer a non-traditional approach? Then Kylie is your woman!

Break away from your conditioning and the repetitive patterns of exhaustion and step into your Divine purpose. With Kylie’s guidance, you will reap the rewards of more self-trust, self-awareness, a capacity to embrace truth, and practice healthier communication that starts with your voice, as well as more self-love! Kylie uses a combination of Reiki, Human Design, hypnotherapy and NLP to assist her clients on their journeys.



Romy is a lifelong resident of South Florida. A full-time single mother who has mastered the art of juggling work with family. Trained by Tony Robbins and a former client of Paige’s, she has committed her passions to the art of growth. She is a spiritual life coach dedicated to empowering individuals to discover their authentic selves.

With a little tough love and deep empathy, she guides her clients through inner child and shadow work, enabling them to set boundaries and embrace their true potential. She loves hosting retreats and experimenting with all things healing. She is also currently in school to get her degree as a licensed therapist to complement her current work. Romy’s coaching is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and purposeful living.

“Sitting with the shadow to find the light within.”


If you are someone who is constantly overwhelmed by negative thought patterns, anxiety, and a sense of disconnection from yourself and your true potential, keep reading. If you are looking to cultivate inner peace, and personal growth through self-discovery then Romy is your girl. It’s not uncommon to feel trapped by the past, struggling with self-doubt, and lacking the confidence to make positive changes in life.

Dealing with unresolved emotional triggers and a desire for more authentic, meaningful relationships is a tangible goal with Romy’s help. By working with Romy clients will gain the tools to break free from negative thought patterns, heal the root causes of their struggles, and find inner peace. They will cultivate self-love, develop emotional resilience, and ultimately, step into their true potential with confidence and authenticity.



With over two decades of experience, Necie is a seasoned Psychic Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Spiritual Counselor. Known for her candid and empathetic approach, Necie is your trusted confidant on the journey of self-discovery. Her honesty, straightforwardness, compassion, and empathy create a safe space for self-reflection and growth. She excels in unveiling the hidden aspects of your life, helping you acknowledge what you may be blind to (or reluctant) to confront. She is dedicated to assisting you through personal transitions by revealing the optimal paths to follow or avoid. For those navigating challenging times, Necie offers invaluable clarity and insight. She possesses a unique ability to translate complex options into relatable language and metaphors, empowering you to explore multiple perspectives and fully understand her guidance.

Her educational background, including a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and nearly a decade of experience as a psychiatric RN, equips her with diverse reasoning and problem-solving skills. Necie’s expertise spans a wide spectrum, from helping individuals choose their life paths to providing guidance on making sense of the present moment. Whether you’re seeking direction in your career, processing grief, or simply making choices that align with your current circumstances, Necie is here to illuminate the way.
Book with Necie and embark on a transformative journey towards self-awareness and empowerment. Discover the insights you need to navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence and clarity.

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